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As a Players Worshop graduate, you applied what you learned in workshops the way you wanted — in work, life and play, or maybe in amateur or professional performances. This refresher course is for the graduate that sees value in revisiting our teaching approach. This course will remind you of the improvisational basics, while challenging you with more advanced concepts. Most likely, you’ll be in a class with completely different players, so you will learn even more from a whole new experience.

Teacher: Linnea Forsberg

Time: 10:00AM-1:00PM

This eight-class term begins September 21st, 2019. Students can miss no more than two classes. No refunds once classes begin.

Alumni Refresher Course:Spring 2020

$200.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price
  • Learning Environment Comittment

    Players Workshop is dedicated to creating a safe, non-judgmental learning environment for our students and teachers. If you're doing it right you'll find out some truths about yourself, and the world at large, that may surprise you. This can lead to feeling vulnerable which is why we maintain a safe space for our students to work within. We steadfastly believe in creating a space of unconditional and universal acceptance for everyone as they choose to define themselves. However, we will enforce a zero tolerance for exclusionary or threatening behavior (physical or verbal) of any kind.

    Basically, be nice. We're all just astronauts on a rock that's floating through space...so be nice!