The New Tools for Work - Virtual Class - Aug 20th



Employers and entrepreneurs are looking for team players who can solve problems, communicate, and collaborate with others. They’re looking for people with positive views and positive energy. And yes, they are looking for other specific skills that you already possess. So how can you become a better communicator, collaborator, problem solver and positive source of energy? These are all the skills we work on in our improvisation workshops.


You may know it as a wonderful comedic tool and source of comedy. But improvisation can do more than just make you laugh. It can give your life focus. It can help you enjoy each moment to its fullest. And improvisation can transform you into a better communicator, employee, entrepreneur, and leader. Our improvisation workshops focus on building all of these skills and qualities.


This FREE, 2-hour workshop demonstrates how the tenets of improvisation can be used to help you share your authentic personal brand as you explore new opportunities.


After the event, Participants will receive a list of exercises demonstrated in the class – (along with helpful instructions) - and the e-book: The “New Normal” Playbook: Five Critical Tools of improvisation to Survive and Thrive.




Teacher: Jeff Rogers

Date/Time: Wednesday Aug 20th, 1PM-3PM


This class is FREE! Players Workshop is dedicated to teaching Improvisation for Life. Improvisation is about supporting your fellow players and we can think of no better way to support anyone who has been laid off or furloughed than to give you tools you can use to get back to what you do best. We’ve got your back. USE COUPON CODE "FREE" AT CHECKOUT

  • Learning Environment Commitment

    Players Workshop is dedicated to creating a safe, non-judgmental learning environment for our students and teachers. If you're doing it right, you'll find out some truths about yourself and the world at large that may surprise you. This can lead to feeling vulnerable, which is why we maintain a safe space for students to work in. We steadfastly believe in creating a space of unconditional and universal acceptance for everyone as they choose to define themselves. However, we will enforce a zero tolerance for exclusionary or threatening behavior (physical or verbal) of any kind.

    Basically, be nice. We're all just astronauts on a rock that's floating through be nice!

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