Since 1970 we've been teaching people in-person and virtually how to think faster, be creative, and build confidence in the moment. Learn to perform at your best, onstage and in life. Discover why successful people from all walks of life value our proven approach to the life skills of improvisation.


to think faster, be creative,

and build confidence

onstage and in life

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Ever feel awkward at a party? Nervous presenting an idea? Or anxious in front of an audience?

We understand.

We'll help you replace the urge of fight, flight or freeze with the tools improvisers have successfully used onstage for years. Learn to feel confident, no matter what the situation.

 The benefits of ImproV

Conquer Your Fears

Feel confident and comfortable whether you're performing, presenting or networking at a party—knowing you can improvise the right answer.

unleash your creativity

Improv helps you tap into the unlimited creativity that's waiting inside of you. Learn everything you need to unlock your creative potential.

Be ready for anything

Want to perform at your best? Improvisation will help you think fast and react even faster, which boosts your confidence everyday in every way.

 We Get It 

You want to be

confident and

perform your best,

so consider this:

Players Workshop has taught over 10,00 students to live fearlessly and in the moment.


Alumni include: Bill Murray, Amy Sedaris, Bonnie Hunt, Matt Walsh, Bob Odenkirk, creators, entrepreneurs, educators, writers, humanitarians, parents, students and hundreds more.

We're the original school of improvisation with over 50 years of experience

Bill Murray
Shelley Long
Robert Townsend
Matt Walsh
Harold Ramis
Bonnie Hunt
George Wendt
Bob Odenkirk
Tim Kazurinsky

Learn how to play fearlessly, listen fully, and live more in each moment

on stage and in life. New classes start every month.

 Build on basic team skills by learning advanced brainstorming techniques, presentation skills, writing techniques and valuable teambuilding tools.

The Way of Players

Build your confidence and be a top performer


Classes are safe, fun and will teach you skills you will use throughout your life that you can't find anywhere else.

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Our classes will teach you how to think on your feet, be confident, react on the fly, and live in the moment.



Apply your improv tools to life and work: be present, comfortable and authentic  in any situation.


You want to be fearless. At Players Workshop, we get it. Our classes help build confidence for every situation.

It's not a mystery or some secret potion. Here’s how we do it: We invite you to a Workshop filled with like-minded Players where you all learn to be present without fear. 1) Sign up for class. It seems easy because it is. We've been doing this for 50 years because what we do will work for you just like it has for 10,000 alumni. 2) Learn the skills. The classes are a fun and safe place to learn. Basically, you'll be stretching outside of your comfort zone to learn new things. And so will everyone else in the class. You'll learn together and from each other at the same time. 3) Never be nervous again. It seems impossible, but the reality is that once you learn how to improvise, you become more confident because you're more aware of the world around you. It's sort of like learning to walk. The first couple of times are wobbly and then all of a sudden you're up and walking and you stop thinking about the mechanics of it. You just walk. And look at you now. You're practically a professional walker! Sign up now, and in the meantime download our e-book The "New Normal" Playbook 5 Critical tools of Improvisation to Survive and Thrive. Don't miss your opportunity to be yourself and shine. Be ready for anything.

 Ask our students 

My teacher was Doug V and he was enthusiastic in the most genuine way...people will find this class a life changer.—Chris K

If you are on the fence about doing this program, I'll make it easy for you: jump over and discover a brand new world within you.—Dave W.

This is one of the best experiences I've had in my life.—Kristin S

Players Workshop is the original School of Improvisation with Graduates wedding into The Second City, Saturday Night Live and many TV shows and movies.—David S

A great place to learn Improvisation. Not just for comedy but for life. Friendly and knowledgeable teachers. They create a fun, safe place to learn, experiment and explore. Great experience!

—Jason K

The improv class at the Players Workshop was an invaluable experience. It stretched my capabilities. It improved my confidence.—Roger V

Players Workshop is a great place for personal growth, especially learning to interact with others in a safe place. Knowledgable and skilled instructors help bring out the best from students.—Judith P

 Be ready for anythinG.

Right now.