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Linnea was born while her parents were on the road with a show and has been a part of the theater ever since. Growing up backstage, Linnea performed between ages one to twenty-four, and earned her B.A. and M.A. in Speech and Theater at the University of Illinois Chicago Circle. Linnea discovered a love for teaching and directing, so she taught for Players Workshop of The Second City for 30 years, while directing The Second City Children's Theater for 20 years. More recently, she was a professor at Malcolm X College for 15 years. Upon retiring, Linnea turned her thoughts once again to Players Workshop.




Professor Emeritus

(Improvisation Sensei)

Linnea Forsberg

Doug studied with Jo and Linnea Forsberg, as well as the entire staff of the Players Workshop of The Second City in 1981. He served as a Players Workshop instructor and director (1981–1996) and designed a creative writing workshop built on the principles of improv. His love of improvisation and creative collaboration led him to careers in music performance, advertising, and education, and inspired Doug to compose for musical theatre. Doug is an active member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). 




Education Director

(Man of a Thousand Laughs)

Doug Voegtle

Jeff graduated from Players Workshop in 1989 and has pursued a creative life ever since. Jeff is a speaker, author, playwright, creative director, producer, and cable TV & corporate event host as well as one of the founders of The Factory Theater. Jeff now works mainly as a motivational speaker spreading the power of improvisation as a tool for innovation to corporate clients of all sizes. Having studied, performed, directed, and taught at Second City for over a decade, Jeff could not be more excited to relaunch Players Workshop.

Managing Partner

(Improvisation Evangelist)

Jeff Rogers