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  • Do Players Workshop classes require previous improvisation or acting experience?
    Improvisation teaches us to say “Yes and…” but the answer here is a resounding "No.” You do not need any acting or improvisational acting experience to sign up, participate and enjoy.
  • I’ve taken some improv classes before. Can I skip the Beginning courses and jump ahead to Intermediate or Advanced?
    Improvisation teaches us to say “Yes and…” but the answer for this question is a resounding “No.” You may not skip ahead. We’re glad you’ve studied elsewhere. We can build on that knowledge. The difference in our process is in the approach as oppossed to just learning an exercise or game.
  • Do you offer any scholarships?
    Yes. We offer the Tony Papaleo Memorial Scholarship given to students who are in financial need and show a desire to immerse themselves in Players Workshop Core Curriculum. Students who receive scholarships in Tony's name will discover what makes them tick, create solutions, build relationships, ignite confidence, and learn to live in the moment. To carry on Tony Papaleo's flowing creativity, feel-wonderful style of humorous communication, and his innovative and boundless generosity, click here for more information: Scholarship
  • How old or young can students be?
    Our teachers have worked with a range of ages in one class. Doug taught an 82-year-old grandma and an 18-year-old HS graduate in one workshop group. There is no rule on ages, except for one: until we offer classes for younger adult teens or children, you must be at least 18 to participate. We are working on adding age-specific workshop classes in the future. Join our mailing list to keep updated. Scroll down to subscribe.
  • Can I use improvisation classes as a type of personal therapy for my life?
    Good question. But “No.” Participating in classes can be “therapeutic” and freeing without needing to delve into emotional or psychological “therapy.” We’d like to discuss this more but your time is up for today….
  • Can I pay by check? I’m allergic to plastic.
    We suggest using Benadryl and PayPal. Unfortunately, we are not set up to accept cash or check at this time.
  • How’s the parking around the The Apollo Theater?
    Street parking is plentiful in the neighborhood. Do not park under the El tracks. You will get towed.
  • I live far away. Do you have overnight arrangements for out-of-towners?
    Check back here often…in the future, we may have a partnership with a local Airbnb that could accommodate out-of-town students.
  • Do I have to sign up for your complete one-year course?
    Yes...and No. We do a subscription instead of paying by class because we want you to benefit from the whole process. If you need to take a break after completing one of our 8-week sessions? No problem. You can come back when you have time to complete the next session within one calendar year and we'll try and fit you into the next available class. However, to graduate and receive a certificate for our one-year program you do need to complete all levels.
  • What if I get kicked out of class?
    Woof. Why are you already thinking like that? If you are asked to leave a class, we will meet with you first, determine why "it’s not working out" and find out if this is the right place for you to study. As stated in the terms and conditions of signing up, there are no refunds so our advice is to not get kicked out of class in the first place.
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