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Taste of Improvisation

FREE Workshop

August 15, 2023

Join us Tuesday August 15th to have some fun and explore what it's like to be creative instantly—and hear about our new program: IMPROV360.

Players Workshop is the oldest independent school of improvisation in the U.S. Thousands of our alums apply improv principles to perform fearlessly and in the moment to heighten their life and work experiences. We've taught over 10,000 Players including Bill Murray, Bonnie Hunt, Amy Sedaris, Matt Walsh, Bob Odenkirk, creators, entrepreneurs, educators, writers, humanitarians, parents, and college students.

Replace the urge to fight, flight or freeze with the tools improvisers have successfully used onstage—and off—for years. Feel confident and creative, no matter what the situation. Join us.



Time: 7PM


The Apollo Theater Studio

2550 N Lincoln Avenue 

Chicago, IL 60614, USA

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