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 Teambuilding • Creative • Fun 

"However, improvisation is in fact key to organizational agility. Managers and employees who are capable improvisers will steer their companies through crises and paradigm shifts, from technological breakthroughs and changing trade regulations to environmental disasters and the myriad challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic."

Harvard Business Review

Organizations best equipped to face today’s world are those able to embrace uncertainty and find creative solutions. This is what keeps businesses ahead in the marketplace.


Now your organization can learn and implement these techniques through improvisational exercises designed to enhance listening skills and communication, foster collaboration, and promote a sense of good, old-fashioned enthusiasm. We provide an experiential program targeted to your group that will have them practice what they learn in real-time to enhance retention.


Participants will walk away with a solid understanding of and ability to utilize our "Yes And" Mindset to create, collaborate, and communicate on a whole new level.


 Goal-Driven Teambuilding •  Actionable Ideas

Why is an innovative culture the single biggest factor in a competitive marketplace? Because Airbnb, Uber, and Netflix have shown that disruption can come from anywhere. Organizations best equipped to face today’s world are those able to embrace uncertainty and find creative solutions. This is what keeps businesses ahead in the marketplace.


Improvisational courses are taught in MBA programs at MIT, Harvard, NYU, and many more to help leaders become agile and open to solutions—no matter where they originate. The Stanford D School process for innovative thinking is one of the best-regarded programs of its type in the world. Combining these two pillars of thinking differently provides the building blocks necessary to create a sustainable culture of innovation.

We will work "pre-event" with your stakeholder team to identify real issues your team is facing, and use those findings during our brainstorming portion of the workshop. Your team will leave with anywhere from 20–30 actionable ideas that were bubbled up by your attendees. This encourages investment and ownership by participants, which is the first step towards adoption and execution.


 Individuals or teams •  Actionable skills 

Studies show that most audiences only focus 7% of their attention on the words a presenter is using. They give 33% to visual stimuli such as PowerPoint or a musical instrument. Shockingly, 60% of a given audience is “listening“ to the presenter’s body language or HOW a presenter is coming across.


Unfortunately, most presenters believe that reading the bullets off of a PPT slide constitutes a good presentation. With just a scant amount of pre-event coaching, presenters will be empowered to use their best attributes—and the knowledge they already own—to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking PLAY-sentation.


Our approach does not presume that there's one "proper" way to present, nor does it focus merely on presentation mechanics. Instead, we help people gain confidence in their own voice and become strong, authentic communicators. We ask clients simple yet rarely asked and critically important questions:

  • What story are you trying to tell?

  • What is the goal?

  • What do you expect your audience to do differently after the presentation?

  • What does the audience think and feel about this message?


Workshops consist of improvisational and performance exercises that strengthen each individual's abilities and define their speaking style. These exercises also include some standardized processes that support overall speaking proficiency.

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