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Let's keep this simple. We teach improvisation for life. Many of our students use it for stage or some form of performance, but the reality is that improvisation is a life skill and learning it helps everyone become better at...well, everyday life. Now, we could wax poetic about improvisation for years, seriously. We have the free time.


But instead, here's what you need to know about us:



Our mission is to make the art of improvisation more fun, accessible, meaningful and applicable to life, work and play—for everyone (How we doing so far? Pretty straight forward, right? Let's continue).


We believe that creative freedom and responsibility are inseparable, and that failure builds learning. We believe that ensembles are built on individuality and community—and that improvisation is invaluable to growing in the moments life brings us (Okay, by this time we'd been drinking a bit. Just kidding. We completely believe in these values. They are the source of our differentiation and hopefully, the reason why you're choosing to learn improvisation with us).


We wouldn't be here without one of the Founding Mothers of Improvisation. Do yourself a favor and, even if you don't take a class with us (but you totally should), click on the button below to learn about Josephine Forsberg. Jo is one of the Grand Dames of improvisation who made the art form accessible to everyone and in so doing, changed the world.

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